I was looking at the sand on the beach, the millions of tiny crystals reflecting back the pyramid of light called the rainbow. The soft velvety feeling on my feet, warming my aching bones.  A memory surfaces, my legs used to ache so much when I  turned 11. For about 2 years my legs ached… Continue reading


Ships the Night

Is anybody really ours Ours to call child, friend, father, mother.... Is anyone really ours Alone? Here we are, dead things in the night We are tossing our anchors at the first ship that gives light... Here an illusion, heartbreak. The horizon seems so far away lighted by galaxies never being able to get to.… Continue reading Ships the Night


This last year everything went gray, My eyes have been stripped of the pink in the way. Letting go....giving in...accepting the inevitable. Introspection winds down the valley road of thought to the cabin of intention... There is grief behind the rose.


Glorious,divine light play on the leaves. Glorious, divine warmth, safety, chocolate. Glorious, divine. Furbabies,grandbabies,friends,family. Glorious,divine. Abundance forever. To you dear one, beloved creator, Metatron's cube, Michael's shield,Raphael your healing, Azrael your gentle hand. Glorious, divine. My gratitude, my heart.