That’s what it’s like, rememberin who you are.

Today, while sitting at the court house staring out the windows at the murder of crows frolicking in the sun.  It’s frigid cold outside but seems almost surreal.  The sun makes everything look so beautiful. Contrasts of light and shadows so subtle it suddenly seems like a dream. Time goes so fast and yet I’m standing still in, hovering in my own dream. I speak to people and there it is the soul behind the veil of illusion. This veil is almost tangible, like a shimmer on my vision. My mind acknowledges the speaker my being senses their energy. It’s an odd and somewhat discombobulating experience.

Acknowledgement, finally. For so many years, for as far as I can remember I have been searching for that feeling, that word, that nod of hey great work, your worth it! I’m proud of you. God? Well it felt good to be acknowledged as a person.


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