Number One

My heart, my soul

Cut out of me by the blade of a drunk surgeon,

Handed over to the man by my side, already they lack faith in me.

Those two days, alone in my room, I thought you were dead,

I had to go looking for you.

I found you, your beautiful eyes and that sweet smile so tender.

Afterwards you never left my side, no matter how hard the drunks tried to invade our home….or so I thought.

My heart, my soul

Forgive me, one day, I hope,

I got lost in the world of not me, I believed in the wrong people,

I prayed to the wrong God.

I feel you, searching, hurting, trying to find your way.

I am with you even if you don’t want me here, with you I will quietly hold you until you stop screaming.

I mis you, little feather

your, smile, your laughter, your strength

your wonderful sparkly eyes, I see the best in me there

I see the best in you, there.


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