In Another Life, I knew You

It was her that actually called me I think, for my first phone interview. She was merely a voice on the phone. I answered all her questions honestly. She created this vision of my job for me, and I can still see the imagine in my minds eye.

But that’s not the important bit. The important bit, is… I know I’ve met her before. KNOW … like KNOW.

See, I’ve met others I suspect I must have known in another life, but honestly, never so profoundly certain.

She must wonder why I give her strange looks. I keep thinking she maybe thinks I’m attracted to her; yeah, cause see, she’s also a Lesbian. I knew this right off when I first met her. One of the first things that struck me, actually.

Never mind that though. Whatever.

Cause, see, I met this woman before, in another life.

Don’t ask me how I know. I just do. She was soooo familiar, like someone I had known before. Known, and known well. But its not possible. We grew up in different places, different cities. All that.

I chatted with her at our second interview. Afterwards, when a bunch of us where sitting around this table, she started this game. Asking these rather random questions…like… HOW DO YOU SHAMPOO  YOUR HAIR? Conditioner? Not? And clarified…this isn’t part of the interview…and smiled this big silly grin.

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