I  woke up this morning from a dream, a message of sorts. I spent the last of the dawn trying to inquire where the message came from. You see its form was a little startling, making me wonder is this just a part of me or from the actual person. It became a little of both.

The message started in a dream. I was standing on a street in London, I’ve dreamed of it before. This street has a small white house on one side, sometime other houses beside it  sometimes just field. Dreams Flux in and out sometimes ones conciousness never really letting details move in. On the other side was a motel like structure. I was sitting with Emily, she was wearing her father’s lumberjack work coat, drinking her triple triple timmies. At first she was smiling laughing but I began to notice something about her wasnt right. I sensed it first, then noticed…for a brief second I thought she was drunk but then she looked at me. Her one eye had gone dead, like a zombie, when she noticed me realizing her a force grabbed her and pulled her back hitting her hard against a lamp post raising her up. She cried out in her voice mommy! I woke up with a start and began to pray. I worked with this image focusing my love to her,  envisioning my dearest in loving light. As I sit here in the early morning the fear is gone, there is only my strength that all pain will come to an end.  This was a message for sure, the emotion of my daughter reaching out through the void. I have your back, your being little one. When you need me I’m here, I will catch you with my heart. Through the void, through the Flux I send God’s angels to wrap their protection around you, to lend you the strength to stand on your own, land on your feet. Here is the rainbow God promised. I love you.💖                       20140819_201714

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