This Moment

Here in the garden, signs of spring are finally visible. I mean, I could smell your beautiful perfume a month and a half ago. The air changed it’s fragrant tone, sent a message for all beings that it’s almost time to wake up. Today I have heard the song of the robin, my token bird. My mom used to sing robin I  the rain to me, a delightful memory everytime spring arrives. I saw a squirel hang upside down for twenty minutes emptying the bird feeder of its last goodies of the winter, amazing abs that one. The woodpecker came and said hello, the rooks, bullies that they are crowded in and hogged the feeder for a bit. Life is just so happy to be here, which often begs the question I always ask myself are you? Today, in this moment, I am. I am happy to be here witnessing another spring, hearing the birdsong, smelling the air and feeling the strength of the earth as she infuses her divine love in everything. Dream of peace, not war, dream of hope not hell, dream of forgiveness not blame. Relax into her arms, trust yourself again.

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