Behind The Persian Flaw

The name comes from something read long ago, about the nature of divinity, and the path towards which are often lessons in humility.

It was a tale of ancient rug makers from Persia, who intentionally wove into each of their carpets a “flaw”, since only God is perfect. This ‘flaw’ served as their signature, in essence embracing their imperfections as those things that bring them closer to God, or divinity.

It was an idea that struck at something and that it is those flaws that we share, and that maybe by just writing what comes from the heart could bring about some kind of change, if only in relation to ourselves.

So, that’s the mandate of this blog, er, as much as one could say it has one. The words, opinions, and such are our own, and rightly or wrongly, to perhaps continue a dialogue that is as old as civilizations roots.



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